Retreating our way out of this caustic Anthropocene is a 2 step process, rewilding ourselves and rewilding Earth. Each requires the other. This site is the meeting of the two. And the meeting of back with forth.

There is a void of veganarcho-primitivists centered on rewilding not only oneself, but Earth. There seems to be a small but steady number of nonvegan anarcho-primitivists, and slightly stronger numbers of Earth rewilders and vegans, perhaps due to their mainstream acceptance. With this site being a recently formed confluence of one narrow but raging wild river Anarcho-Primitivism, one darling, tame river Veganism, and one adored, rolling river Habitat Helpers which sometimes sidewinds into Nature Warriors, much of the material in this site is not perfectly centered, rather it draws from nearby influences.

I’m a folio-frugivore Cascadian forest steward. I’m open to hearing from vegan anarcho-primitivists, getting feedback and input on this site, and most love others’ news and ideas. Feel free to contact me at:

ecofeminist (@) riseup (.) net

stand with Earth


rio walking into forest 2Vegan Anarchist Primitivist blog Introduction

After too many frustrated seasons at the 3-way intersection of Vegan, Anarchist & Primitivist, I find myself writing this post introducing this blog. The fire of my frustration calls for more exploration and growth at this spirited confluence. In a flash flood of a moment I started this blog to vent creative rage energies.

Like all humanimals, I was born a primitive anarchist. Like most modern humanimals, I first fought the domestication enculturation process internally. At some point I crossed the line to fighting externally, initially lacking conscious awareness of my fight’s deeper drives…

…I joined in some forest restoration work parties. Bunch of eco-liberals, yeah, but as much as I loathed their politics, they opened my eyes and taught me much. I quickly & sadly realized that when techno-society collapses, what remains of wild places will need humans to work on undoing the eco-disaster we’ve set in motion, otherwise there will be no chance for a diverse, thriving biota. Just as our species needs to relearn primitive skills and pass them down through generations to take our species into the future, so too we need to learn and pass on knowledge and skills in rewilding Earth for ourselves and others to have a wild place to call home. Hence the central theme of this blog.

The confluence of Vegan, Anarchist and Primitivist is recently formed, or likely reforming yet again. Most material is drawn from upshore riverbanks, so not everything will feel like it perfectly fits. Feel free to bear with it, take what you want & leave the rest. Or feel free to contribute your thoughts in a spirit of mutual aid or just plain mucky critique. I can’t honestly tell you where this journey is going, or how long it will last, or who we’ll meet along the way, or if we’ll venture off path. It’s a place I’ve dreamed of, heard tale of, passed through, but never explored down on my hands & knees before. We’ll just have to see as we go. Hope you enjoy the stroll!