the Ape that Ate All

From an ecological lens, all species have their own ways of acquiring food within their wildscapes. Shifts in the human dietway, from pre-sapiens to today, have correlated with the degree of our increasing use of objects and technologies, which correlated with our invasion, colonization and annihilation of thriving autonomous communities of life. Our foodway has […]

rendezvous with corona Life

I have a rendezvous with corona Life Quarantined by primordial Earth, When Spring winds whirl fluffy seeds From air to forest floor— I have a rendezvous with eco-Life When Pandemic brings wily days. It may be he shall capture my heart Reveal purity of this land unmanned Enlighten my eyes and propel my spirit— It […]

The Origins and Nature of Hunting: Ecopatriarchy – a review

  Ria writes within a tradition of anarchist thought that I am often considered tied to – anarcho-primitivism. One of my most significant struggles with anarcho-primitivist discourse is, despite its exploration of areas not often ventured through within even many radical areas of thought, it has largely manifested as a monocultural space, with some very […]

Mutual Aid Restoration Ecology   In response to an articles in The Guardian, “Pablo Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’ show how invasive species can restore a lost world” someone posted: A: I’ve been wondering if instead of slaughtering camels, Australia could relocate them to western North America to replace the extinct camelops. Assuming any potential disease introduction could be anticipated […]

Berry Freedom

Since I first started having a vegan primitivist presence online, people contact me with questions on vegan primitivism in action, both to try to disprove its feasibility, and to manifest it in the ‘real’ world. It’s inspiring to know that there are many people interested in and longing for vegan primitivism. This is such a […]

Wild Medicine

Neanderthal mother and child (Anthropos Pavilion, Brno, Czech Republic) ( CC BY-NC 2.0 )   Thirty years ago an autoimmune disease showed up in my blood. I researched the noxious artificial drugs and ripped up the scripts. Rheumatologists, the specialists who cause the highest rate of death by prescription pad, treated me like an outlaw […]

Cairns Gone Wild

Perhaps the form of art that bothers me most is contorting wild into abstract form in more biodiverse thriving places. Ordering and objectifying fragments of wild habitat into moldable pieces was a major stepping stone toward Homo’s step out of wildness into intentionality of species supremacy. As the human ape grew ever adept at controlling […]


An artistic life reconstruction of Kimbetopsalis simmonsae. Image credit: Thomas E. Williamson et al / Unsplash /   How I long for pre-civ stories to satiate my imaginings of uncivilized life. Not stories wholly invented, but based in sensual experiences and events, pre-historical fictions of sort. There has been nothing close to when William […]

EcoPatriarchy: The Origins & Nature of Hunting

Available at-cost on Amazon (so as not to royalty feed the beast). From hominin to Homo sapiens, the story of the human ape’s relationship with other species and Earth has been more tragic than not. From human origins, ever emerging brutal lifeways turned humans’ predators into prey, paving a blood path of conquest over the […]

Response to Bellamy, JZ & Steve Kirk condemning vegan primitivism

Ria’s response to Oak Journal’s podcast “Rejecting the World Society Paradigm” with Bellamy, John Zerzan and Steve Kirk condemning vegan primitivism. -Veganism is hating power in oneself, hyper-pacifism, and that doesn’t happen in the natural world – Does compassion happen in the natural world? Does mutualism? Does symbiosis? Do those beings hate themselves for […]