Untamed Unmasking of Permaculture: Debunk of Tao Orion’s “Beyond the War on Invasives”

as posted in https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/ria-untamed-unmasking-of-permaculture “The more the human primate resists its primal nature, the more it rationalizes exploiting and dominating. It disconnects from innate awareness and fully intact empathy, falsely perceiving itself as safe, free and supreme. Detached from organic interconnection within rich, diverse habitat leaves it jaded to suffering as it commits carnage in […]

Anarcho-Primachismo: Primitivism Or Patriarchy?

*This critique was submitted to Wild Resistance May 9th. There was no reply. “Patriarchy and ecofeminism are distinct from sex or gender. Patriarchy is evidenced in behaviors based on dogma of exploitive domination over others and Earth that assault primal attachments. Ecofeminism is liberation from civilizing agencies, agendas, roles, expectations and biases, reawakening organic lifeway […]

debunk: Meat-Eating Among the Earliest Humans article

https://www.americanscientist.org/article/meat-eating-among-the-earliest-humans “Meat-Eating Among the Earliest Humans” is an  interesting read, even with slightly less meat & civilization bias than other scientific reports. Most of it speaks to butchering not killing, scavenging with stone tools not suitable for hunting but cutting flesh and bashing open bones for marrow and skulls for brains, not spears and arrowheads. […]

AnPrim On Fire: Human Supremacy Within Anarcho-Primitivist Narrative

Within anarcho-primitivism plays an ongoing dialectic pinpointing origins of the problem of civilization. Impugning only capitalism or the industrial age is much too timid. From the left, radical environmental activist leader and author Derrick Jensen impugns the point people exceed their capacity for self-sufficiency, the dawn of cities. In the trilogy Ishmael, The Story of […]

Decolonize Earth

by Ria Del Montana I was born belonging to a field and a forest edge until civilization stole my being and ‘developed’ my home. Years later I was still a teenager when I stole back some summertime alone in noncivilization, a juniper knoll over a lake. Each dawn a mourning dove perched on the branch […]