Rebel Hell!

In Rebel Hell: Disabled Vegan Goes to Prison, A Memoir, Jan Smitowicz offers ‘Dear Readers’ a deeply honest, intimate, detailed, first-person portrayal of his two-year prison bit. This is so overarchingly the case, there’s no other way I could have started this ‘review’. I usually don’t get so personal in my book reviews, but Jan’s […]

man-the-mighty-hunter myth

Contrary to the predatory man-the-hunter myth, hominids have innate empathy and cooperativeness that manifests idiosyncratically in civilization. One such manifestation is veganism, whose central focus is the abstention from exploitation of animals. But, conventional anarcho-primitivist pigeonholing of veganism into a consumerist schema has distorted its authentic essence, oversimplifying, distorting, and denouncing it. {Ironically, in practice […]

Attachment Pain

Since a 2008 stay with indigenous Chirikayen people in southeast Venezuela, Ria Montana has mused the correlation between human attachment and environmental context. This is her latest muse. Recently young adults from various distant cities have blatantly told me they “don’t like people” and plan to “live alone” their entire lives. Just go to work […]

Why there is ‘no proof’ of bisexual cavewomen, homosexual cavemen, and vegan cavepeople:

Scientific narratives that accompany scientific ‘facts’ are processed and molded through cultural values, as reflected in the popularized caveman story. To study your subliminal attachment to the story, monitor your reaction to another narrative: The clitoris is located outside the vagina to encourage female bonding with all others as a survival strategy, and to discourage […]

The Plausibility of Anti-Civilization Without Anarcho-Primitivism: A Critique of Murray Bookchin’s ‘Social Ecology’ by Ria Montana “To be wild is to be ungovernable, which means uncivilized.” p. 5 Rogue Primate   An avid Deep Green Resistance (DGR) member highly recommended a read on ecology by Murray Bookchin, who was, at least at the time of […]

Us Before Cave Art

This pictograph, “The Shaft Scene” is located in the Shaft of the Dead Man. It is one of the most baffling paintings at Lascaux Cave Us Before Cave Art Ria Montana   “In all creativity, we destroy and rebuild the world, and at the same time we inevitably rebuild and reform ourselves.” Rollo May 1985. While […]


Forest fires’ smoke from eastern washington is again blowing over the Cascade Mountains into western washington, but worse this time. In addition to the entire sky covered in smog white, and the sun filtering into surreal orange, and sensing an almost imperceptible cloud of smoke everywhere – with your nostrils and eyes and skin and […]