Flower Bomb flames

At about 30 minutes in we dive into the main topic with our guest Flower Bomb who is an anarchist writer that created Warzone Distro (http://warzonedistro.noblogs.org), a zine creating & distributing project focused on anarchy, insurrection, & anti-civilization. Check it out! All zines are available via PDF or you can request a zine package. Check […]


Jack & Ria in defense of anti-natalism

Jack: I agree with Katniss. And I’m tired all these excusitarians here believing technology wiill save the Earth, and us, while we go merrily along living and supporting a lifeway that is running roughshod over it. It’s hopey-ism on steroids. And extreme bad-faith. Or maybe it isn’t even that…most here seem to not care much about the […]

Rape of the Wild excerpt, Andrée Collard, 1986

“… As we capture, confine, control, cull and kill animals, we strip them of their freedom/wildness. No longer determined by their own nature and being, wildlife has been defined in relation to man-the-predator. What does this… do to ourselves? We prey on each other, as in crimes and wars. We give up our freedom to […]

Wild Ousts ‘Beyond Hope’

We, earth’s evolved serial killer ape, perhaps in effort to soothe the reality of our harms out of shame, fear or even more altruistic feelings, are juggling with ‘The Way’ to change our ways. In the context of today’s heady scientific culture, logic is used to provoke mass mind shift, such as in the writings […]

escape from the killingway

In an online vegan group a dynamic discussion-debate arose challenging that vegan thinking is crudely shallow and misbegotten, steeped in popularized consumerist culture, so hypocritical that it falls short, so short that a strong animal advocate rejects donning the word as it is not redeemable, being deeply flawed from the very origins of its conception. Robustly astute […]

Is Vegan Vegan?

Is Vegan Vegan?  A Partial Discussion in Vegan Anarchist Primitivist group top post:“This is why I do not call myself a vegan — because veganism promotes the lie that agriculture is “cruelty free” so long as we don’t raise animals to eat. Veganism is to wildlife what lacto-ovo vegetarianism is to dairy cows, laying hens, and […]

Habitat Acknowledgment

Let us open our minds and hearts to the lives of wild others with acknowledgment that we are here in what was until recently a place they belonged. This civilized construction, the displaced plants and pets and ‘food animals’ our species created and carried in, the roads taken to arrive here, have pushed them out […]

Readings from my book EcoPatriarchy: The Origins & Nature of Hunting

https://immediatism.com/archives/podcast/665-ecopatriarchy-1-origins-nature-of-hunting-by-rea-montanahttps://immediatism.com/archives/podcast/666-ecopatriarchy-2-origins-nature-of-hunting-by-ria-montana Readings of three texts on issues in ecology are now available at Immediatism.com. Rea Montana’s book “EcoPatriarchy: The Origins & Nature of Hunting” is discussed and the full introduction is read in episodes 665-666. “How Deep is Deep Ecology” by George Bradford critiques the ideas and stances of thinkers in deep ecology, and especially […]