Brawl, part 2

buried inside True You knew all along your primal clarion call, unbegun now cogent but stalled by grim Blocks squatting nested in your mind ever obsessively ruminating doubting defeating, in garbling self destroying wordy words murmuring their crud shrinking you into a quivering quite almost a slumping until Wild Love swoops in on you flustering […]

Rupturing Salish Wildlife Communities

Wild animals reposition their ranges and realign their associations, generally gradually. But spontaneous shape-shifting communities manifesting on their own terms are in steep decline. Civilization’s razed land, pollution, noise and overpopulated unwild human presence give some animals an artificial edge to overtake others, deteriorating wild homeostasis. Douglas squirrel (Tamiasciurus douglasii) Eastern grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) In 1909, Vancouver Park in BC […]

The Future is Wild, Not Green

Shortly after Jeff Gibbs and Michael Moore released their documentary Planet of the Humans, Dave Borlace, creator of videos on ‘sustainable solutions’ to climate change in his series ‘Just Have A Think’ posted a critique. Borlace effectively pokes holes into Gibbs & Moore’s look behind the veil of ‘green technology.’   Borlace reveals how Gibbs […]

Ria on Vegan Anarcho-Primitivism on Go Vegan Radio

GO VEGAN RADIO #645 By Bob Linden on September 17, 2020 “Fascinating Interview with Vegan Anarchist Primitivist RIA DEL MONTANA, author of “Eco Patriarchy – The Origins & Nature of Hunting” – exploring human evolution, our deep Vegan origins, and rationalizing of killing which we know is wrong.” Ria’s interview starts at 44:00

the Ape that Ate All

From an ecological lens, all species have their own ways of acquiring food within their wildscapes. Shifts in the human dietway, from pre-sapiens to today, have correlated with the degree of our increasing use of objects and technologies, which correlated with our invasion, colonization and annihilation of thriving autonomous communities of life. Our foodway has […]

rendezvous with corona Life

I have a rendezvous with corona Life Quarantined by primordial Earth, When Spring winds whirl fluffy seeds From air to forest floor— I have a rendezvous with eco-Life When Pandemic brings wily days. It may be he shall capture my heart Reveal purity of this land unmanned Enlighten my eyes and propel my spirit— It […]

The Origins and Nature of Hunting: Ecopatriarchy – a review

  Ria writes within a tradition of anarchist thought that I am often considered tied to – anarcho-primitivism. One of my most significant struggles with anarcho-primitivist discourse is, despite its exploration of areas not often ventured through within even many radical areas of thought, it has largely manifested as a monocultural space, with some very […]

Mutual Aid Restoration Ecology   In response to an articles in The Guardian, “Pablo Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’ show how invasive species can restore a lost world” someone posted: A: I’ve been wondering if instead of slaughtering camels, Australia could relocate them to western North America to replace the extinct camelops. Assuming any potential disease introduction could be anticipated […]

Berry Freedom

Since I first started having a vegan primitivist presence online, people contact me with questions on vegan primitivism in action, both to try to disprove its feasibility, and to manifest it in the ‘real’ world. It’s inspiring to know that there are many people interested in and longing for vegan primitivism. This is such a […]

Wild Medicine

Neanderthal mother and child (Anthropos Pavilion, Brno, Czech Republic) ( CC BY-NC 2.0 )   Thirty years ago an autoimmune disease showed up in my blood. I researched the noxious artificial drugs and ripped up the scripts. Rheumatologists, the specialists who cause the highest rate of death by prescription pad, treated me like an outlaw […]