rewilding a ritual

July 15, 2017 My Man-Boy, Your life is an intuitive energy from the start. When you were born the first thing you did with all your being was search the unfamiliar place. You homed in on the body whose world you just left, fervently reconnected with this suddenly disconnected mother, and in that moment forged […]

3 cases for indigenous veganism

  Writings by feminist scholar Margaret Robinson describe Mi’kmaq legends and their relationship with animals as was one of dependence, not dominion. According to Mi’kmaq legends, human beings are intimately connected with the animal world and only survival can justify the killing of animals. These legends depict animals as having an independent life, with their […]

vegan is anti-speciesism is anti-civ

Contrary to the man-the-hunter myth, hominids have a nature ethic of innate empathy and cooperativeness that manifests idiosyncratically in civilization. One such manifestation is veganism, whose central focus is the abstention from exploitation of animals. But, primitivist pigeonholing of veganism into a consumerist schema has distorted its authentic essence, overgeneralizing, misrepresenting, and stigmatizing it.{Ironically, in […]

Epiphany on the hunter-gatherer myth

I traveled to the wildest vast region of Venezuela where most of the aboriginal people live, southeast, to visit with a group of Pemon in the Gran Sabana. For the first many days the food was all plant derived. One dark night sleep would not come, so I explored my immediate area relying on my […]