Decolonize Earth

by Ria Del Montana I was born belonging to a field and a forest edge until civilization stole my being and ‘developed’ my home. Years later I was still a teenager when I stole back some summertime alone in noncivilization, a juniper knoll over a lake. Each dawn a mourning dove perched on the branch […]

Out of Civilitopia

Women gathering murnong and other food, as sketched by squatter Henry Godfrey, on November 1, 1843. Drawing from the artist’s sketchbook, La Trobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria. The nutshell story of civilization begins with an evolutionary adaptation based on humans’ advanced intelligence setting them apart from other animals. Civilized humans see, experience and […]

clear the air, and the water

Reading Bellamy Fitzpatrick’s opening essay in the premier issue of Backwoods: A Journal of Anarchy and Wortcunning, I started falling in love with Backwoods even though it aims fusing anti-civ theory with the suspect practice of permaculture. Bellamy laid out the foundational philosophy beautifully. Then on to the permaculture essays and the predictable happened. Permaculture’s […]

Carnist logic is oft applied with bias.

For example, it screeches how ethical consumer veganism is a self-deceptive construct of civilization. Yet it promotes buying from small, local, humane farms, or modern humans doing gardening or permaculture or inventing food forests, with excusing regard for those schemes’ modern human impact. Some of these promotions rely on growing and harvesting human bred animals, […]